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17.11.2015 - Software Update VTi 9.0.1

- increase image version: VTi 9.0.1
- update drivers (2015-11-17-r0) (duo2,solo2,solose,zero,bm750,ultimo,uno,solo)
Change demux allocation scheme
fix DVB-T VCC(solose)
Improve DVB-CI

- update drivers (2015-11-13-r0) (solo4k)
improve PiP
support remote control with keyboard

- update dvbapp2 (2015-11-17)
remove CI workaround
fix change of audio track when CI is in use
fix service change at streams when CI is in use
CI-assignment: see config under VTi/Setup-System
timer conflicts take care of CI assignments (provider or services)
available services take care of CI assignments (provider or services)
CI-assignment: allow to add all services of bouquet
CI-assignment: fix selecting providers
fix closing skin selector when skin is not changed
SmartSeek: use exit button to revert last skip

- update satipclient
enhance compatibility THX @blackicehack

- update plugin coverfind (ver. 20151114-r4)
- update plugin lcd4linux (ver. 4.6-r4)
- update plugin minitv-skinner (ver. 0.5) (solo4k)
- update plugin tmdb (ver. 20151114-r2)
- update skin atilehd
- update skin mutespectator
- update skin stylefhd
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