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memorist 18-05-2014 21:43

Rudream 5.0 Image Vu+ Ultimo

62400 20-05-2014 17:46


mach1 20-05-2014 22:17

OE_3.0_Live_X_BETA 20.05.2014

mach1 26-10-2014 02:05

VU+rudream-OE_3.0_Live Duo, Solo, Uno, Ultimo, Solo2 Duo2

mach1 10-03-2015 00:13

VU+ image rudream 07.03.2015


rudream-Live-X3.0_CAM emu.ipk do /tmp
Instalacja poleceniem telnet

opkg install -force-overwrite /tmp/*.ipk

mach1 24-03-2015 17:45

VU+RudDream 4 image 23.03.2015


rudream-4.0 vuultimo

mach1 14-04-2015 18:47

VU+ image rudream 14.04.2015

mach1 16-11-2015 20:51

rudream-4 16.11.2015

Vu+ Series : vuultimo

coscos1222 04-01-2016 19:46

VU+ rudream-5

We present a updated version of the Live X firmware! Now in Beta status!

This firmware build from scratch and based on the new OpenEmbedded version.The main changes obtained in the firmware:

❖Updated OpenEmbedded (which requires the installation of the firmware from scratch)..

❖Changed dependence of Samba package from Perl, so there is no need to use it for the operation of Samba Server, which allows you to save space in the flash memory.

❖Updated plugin BackupSuite and added his support to mtd-utils, now the plugin works without error, please note that backups firmware with a large size can not be done by some boxes loader (the reason is not clear), in this case, to restore the firmware you can install firmware from scratch, and then use the built-in restory function in the BackupSuite plugin.

❖Updated FullBackup plugin, the main difference in the new version - Support for all models of boxes, including DreamBox (thanks Dima73).

❖Other changes and additions to enhance stability and performance.


To install the update, you must make a backup of the firmware and save the settings, and then install the firmware from scratch. After installing the firmware, restore settings without packages restore, that will have to be installed then using the "Packages and extensions manager " If after the recovery options you have crash of enigma2 GUI, do not use the restore settings option. All firmware for testing can be found here.


ExtInfoBar plugin does not work on the current firmware, do not install or use this plugin, until it will be adapted!

mach1 23-02-2016 13:20

rudream-5 22-02-2016
Link OK

rudream-4.0 vuultimo

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