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mach1 25-12-2015 17:17

BlackHole Noel Hediyesi XBMC Canlı TV
We have a small Christmas present for our users. We have been working to get live tv working on XBMC, this isn't a release ready feature just yet, but it is ready as a preview.

If you would like to test this feature, you need to have the latest Black Hole 3.0.1 (and have done all the online updates) then in telnet enter the following commands:


opkg update

opkg install xbmc-pvr-vuplus
Then restart E2.

Next launch XBMC, go to settings, enable pvr, enable vuplus addon and then configure it by setting zap before tune.
If you have set a password in OpenWebif remember to set it in the addon as well.

Current Known issues:

It is not perfect, as we said it's just a preview for the moment, we hope to fix the bugs soon, but for now it is not a priority so please just be patient and when we have the bugs fixed it will be included in the release images.

Obviously this little Christmas present is only for the XBMC enabled boxes (SoloSE, Solo2, Duo2 and Solo4K).

Merry Christmas from the Black Hole Team.

mach1 25-12-2015 17:25

SoloSE, Solo2, Duo2 and Solo4K Sadece bu modellerde deneyin arkadaşlar...

thawtes 25-12-2015 19:39

deneyelim bakalım nasıl bişimiş :)

mach1 25-12-2015 19:57

4k da ok çalışıyor test denmiş zaten bazı hatalar var ama e2 den kanalları aldı dizdi çalışıyor Live tv xbmc de.

mach1 25-12-2015 20:18

4k solo ipk dosya olarak

thawtes 25-12-2015 20:52

DUO2 içinde IPK benden olsun

mach1 25-12-2015 21:00

Eline sağlık

thawtes 25-12-2015 21:01

SOLO2 için IPK dosyası

thawtes 25-12-2015 21:01

SOLOSE için IPK dosyası

^^TILIKO^^ 25-12-2015 21:38

vu+duo2 de çalışıyor....

kanal zaplamaya çalışırken hata verdi bende henüz bu özellik aktif değil diye...

gelişince iyi olur bu özellik..

Saat 18:59.

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