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mach1 17-05-2014 22:04

Prismcube Jet and Plug
New-Prismcube Jet and 5000 DMIPS at this moment is the fastest satellite receiver in the world

As can be seen the receiver has no display, or no buttons. There is only a touch switch:

You will be able to buy a docking station receiver disk 2.5 "slot on the CI module and USB 2.0 ...

... And combine it into a single whole: on ANGA COM 2014

Date : 2014. May 20 - 22
Booth Number : Hall 10.2 G28
Koelnmese, Cologne

We would like to invite you to grand launch event of PrismCube JET at ANGA COM 2014.
Please bring your name card and take part in the raffle event. We will randomly select 7 winner a day to take PrismCube Ruby.

Come to PrismCube booth on
- 20th May at 5PM
- 21st May at 5PM
- 22nd May at 12PM(noon)
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