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What is new
- New enigma2 with new menus layout, much more setting options, possibility to sort menus, etc.)
- New Core OE-Alliance 4.1
- Updated GStreamer to 1.13.2
- Updated Samba to 4.4.15
- New drivers for VU+, Edision, Zgemma, Octagon, Gigablue, Mutant, Vuplus.
- Added support for more USB WiFi.
- Skin MetrixJRSD (720p) by default.
- Possibility to try number of tuners to show at infobar on customization plugins skins MetrixJR.
- New translations to spanish and catalan. If anybody is interested in help us to translate plugins to other languages, please contact with us.
- Spanotifications main code re-written to avoid memory problems and improve performance.
- Added possibility to stop streams on spanotifications from Telegram.
- Added support to stop streams from StreamingsClientsInfo screen when streamproxy is installed.
- Updated kodi to17.4 Final and fixed issue with slow start. (Vuplus, Mutant, Zgemma, Octagon, Edision, ********)
- OpenVPN simple config (Thanks to OpenPlus Team)

Installation Notes:

1. Save your important data before upgrading. You will then need them to be loaded by ftp, telnet or your preferred method.
2. Must NOT upgrade with a previous release backup.
3. During installation wizard, look at options you are chosen. There is one option that asks for backup restore, ensures that you install clean.
4. During the installation wizard we recommend deleting unused languages and install only the extra OpenSPA Plugins that you are going to use. We recommend doing this with receivers about 256 Mb of flash.

User : root
Pass : openspa

Download url:
Bug report URL:

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