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mach1 06-04-2014 23:45

PrismCube How to install *. Zip
PrismCube How to install *. Zip

Often you can find on the internet an interesting addition, ZIP or repository. Here's a tip to quickly add zip files to prismcube, without having to drive.

Download the zip file extension to your computer
Insert the IP address of AB IPBox Prismcube the Explorer (or other file manager) and go to:
\ \ [PRISMCUBE_IP] \ System \ tmp
Here you place the ZIP file

Use Prismcube and go to XBMC -> System -> Extras -> Install from zip file
Then select File System -> tmp -> [YOUR_ZIP_FILE] and click OK

Addon will install new
That's all. Enjoy.

tmp is a directory of temporary files, and when you reboot the receiver automatically cleaned.
So no need to remove the zip file manually.

Saat 18:58.

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